Ducoterra Infrared Heating Panels

SolaRay Infrared Panels and Ductless Heat Pump Create Superior Heating System 1

Sharon and Steve recently completed the remodel of their magnificent three-story Northwest Hood Canal waterfront home. This home features a towering 20-foot-high wall of west facing living room windows with incredible water and mountain views.  As you can imagine this home presented the owners with a unique challenges for heating and cooling. The solution was […]

Finding the Perfect Heater for Your Tiny Home

Whether you call it your tiny house, backyard cottage, DADU, ADU, ancillary unit, carriage house, mother-in-law, guest house, or any of the other names such dwellings go by, they all have one thing in common: a small footprint. With that small footprint comes a host of features, benefits, and limitations that come together to shape […]

Fake Infrared Heating 2

It’s never pleasant to have to point out the negatives of other products and we try to stay focused on positives here at Ducoterra. But sometimes you just have to stand up and say “Sorry, that’s not really true”, and right now we feel compelled to do that regarding some of the “infrared” heaters coming out […]

Ducoterra Installation Tips

As simple as Ducoterra’s SolaRay panels are to install, there are still plenty of issues to consider when mounting them! We’ve compiled a few tricks and installation tips of our units here to help you figure out the best way to mount them. General Steps: One of our dealers, Heating Green, has a fantastic step by […]

Ducoterra panel installation