Ducoterra Launches SolaRay Infrared Radiant Heaters for Hospital and Nursing Facilities

by: Jim Beebe

BELLINGHAM, WASHINGTON, APRIL 2, 2020 – Ducoterra’s SolaRay infrared radiant panels heat without circulating air therefore assisting in reducing airborne pollutants, dust, bacteria, and aerosol transmissions.

The large inflow of Covid-19 patients in hospitals and other medical facilities will require containing infectious patients in rooms with isolated air systems.  Most hospitals only have a few rooms with this setup and modifying or installing a ducted forced air system is impractical and undesirable as it can spread contaminants.  Ducoterra’s SolaRay lightweight aluminum panels can be quickly installed with a simple electrical connection just like a light fixture in a ceiling or wall. 

Studies state that virus aerosolization can extend up to several hours. Virus aerosols can be generated from patients as well as be stirred up from surfaces. An aerosol that encounters a solid object will adhere to that object. Direct source-to-object radiant heat transfer is free of contaminants.

Ducoterra® infrared radiant ceiling panels heat people, furniture, walls, and floor directly.  There is no noise, no dust, no allergens, no pollutants, no odors, no ductwork, no air stratification or contaminant-laden drafts.  

Ducoterra is a nationwide leader in manufacturing infrared heating panels for both residential and commercial buildings. The SolaRay panels are available from any of Ducoterra’s network of dealers and distributors throughout the United States. For additional information on Ducoterra and its SolaRay panels visit www.ducoterra.com.