6 Ways to Educate Children for a Sustainable World

Guest Article by Derek Lotts

Living in the age when climate change is rampant and its consequences are all around us means that educating children how to take care of the environment is one of the sure ways to prevent catastrophes in the future. Because only truly aware generation can make some impact, but in order to achieve that, we need to teach our children how to be more mindful of their surroundings, so for that reason, here are some ways that we can show kids how to live sustainably.

Tell them that our planet needs them

We are all guilty of over-consumption and despite some efforts, many people around the world don’t possess that level of awareness to start making changes, but what we can do right now is start teaching children around us how our planet needs to be taken care of and that every bit of action matters. Aside from that, showing them all the beauty of our world and the way it could get endangered can help them become more invested and engaged when it comes to taking things into their own hands. Of course, you should always let your child enjoy their childhood, so if you want to educate them, always aim to find a balance, so they won’t feel burdened by things they can’t control, at least not while they are too young to understand complex issues.

Lead by example

You can’t expect your child to learn about eco-friendly values unless you show them yourself what it’s like to live a green lifestyle. Therefore, make sure to recycle and shop from ethical brands so your kid will know how to follow your footsteps. Additionally, you can also organize certain green activities such as composting and collecting trash and then recycling it. But, in order to make your child interested, you need to find a way to make it engaging and fun, because kids are known to get bored easily, so making it interesting will surely help them commit to it more seriously. Doing some of these eco-friendly activities can also be a wonderful way to create a bond between you and your child, and it is well known that such a meaningful bond is one of the best ways to have a fulfilling and happy parent-child relationship.

Don’t underestimate the power of education

School can have a huge impact on the way your child behaves, so from an early age, it’s essential to invest in your kid’s learning. Early childhood education can be beneficial on many levels, so sending your child to a fun learning center that values creativity, freedom and empowerment will definitely help them grow and improve. Nowadays schools and other learning institutions place a lot of importance on environmental issues, so you can be sure that your child will learn a lot of valuable lessons that will help them be more considerate of the planet.

Take care of your home

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When you have a child, your home should be your sanctuary where things shouldn’t go wrong. Also, in order to live a more eco-friendly life, the first place to start should be your own house. There are many ways to achieve that such as using more energy-efficient solutions such as LED light bulbs and infrared radiant heating panels that will preserve the heat and save you money that would otherwise be spent on bills. Besides, using homemade cleaning products and buying furniture from recycled materials will make your home much safer for children while also teaching them valuable lessons regarding energy conservation and ethical consumption.

Watch educational content

Thanks to streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu there are so many opportunities to learn about the world. There are so many nature documentaries that can show you and your kid the wonders of this planet and how climate change can have a negative impact on everything that we hold dear, such as precious wildlife. Your child can learn a lot by watching various content that deals with hot topics and being informed from an early age is a sure way to grow into a caring adult who isn’t afraid to speak their mind and get out of their comfort zone in order to achieve worthy goals.

Educating children about sustainability should be a top priority in our society, but it is important to stress out that a lot of things start at home, so your household should always be a safe space where your child can learn, ask uncomfortable questions and also have fun because school will always be there to teach them valuable things, but only a caring and warm family atmosphere can create a happy, balanced and considerate person.