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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • General Questions
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  • Thermostat Questions

General Questions

Will I notice the panels?

One of the biggest challenges we have is taking photographs that clearly show panels on ceiling! They really blend in and disappear once mounted, owing to their low profile design.

Can the panels be painted to match my ceiling?

Yes they can. We recommend acrylic based exterior paints for this. While many latex paints will do fine, some will discolor from heating.

Installation Questions

Who can install the panels?

Any electrician should be able to readily install the units. The heaters themselves are as easy to install as a light fixture. The heaters typically should be on a dedicated heating circuit

Does Ducoterra have its own installers?

No, Ducoterra is a manufacturing company only and we do not install our heating systems.

Are there installers you recommend?

Call around your area to see if anyone has experience installing infrared heating systems. Most electricians should be able to install with few problems.

I am a DIY person. Can I install the panels myself?

Installing the panels themselves is fairly straightforward for an experienced DIYer. Making sure your electrical system can handle the load is an important consideration. Typically the units will be on a dedicated heating circuit with thermostat control. If one is already available, say you are replacing baseboard or cadet wall heaters, then you should be able to readily repurpose the existing circuit for the infrared panels. If not, installation of a new circuit is strongly recommended.

Are the cosmetic hole plugs removable?

In order to get the cleanest fit possible we provide low-profile locking hole plugs to cover installation mounting points. We recommend WAITING to install the cosmetic hole plugs until you are satisfied with your installation – sometimes adjusting mounting screw tightness is required.

Thermostat Questions

What kind of thermostat should I use?

We recommend the use of line voltage programmable thermostats to maximize your benefits from your units. For 120V systems a SPST two-wire thermostat is fine, for 240V systems we recommend using a DPST 4-wire thermostat.

Can I use a Nest or Ecobee thermostat?

You can certainly use a Nest, Ecobee, or other low voltage thermostat with the panels – with the use of a powered electrical relay switch for a voltage appropriate to your thermostat and heating panels. Consult your electrician!

Where should I mount the thermostat?

Typically you want to mount the thermostat in a central location of the space being heated. If you are upgrading an existing system, the current placement is probably fine!

Can I use a timer or switch instead of a thermostat?

Timed switches can certainly be used, especially for locations like supplemental heat in bathrooms or hot yoga or massage studios.

What is the best setting for my thermostat?

Many people find they are comfortable with infrared panels when setting the thermostat a couple degrees lower than they typically would with a forced air HVAC system. What’s really important is to take advantage of the programmability of your thermostat and use it to control your panels to heat the space during times of occupancy, and programming setbacks when vacant.

I want to use the panels for my home yoga studio. Do I need a special thermostat?

Depends on how hot you are trying to go. Many normal thermostats have a maximum temperature setting of around 82F. Make sure the thermostat you select for home hot yoga is able to reach the temperatures you want. Alternatively, you can use a timed switched to just turn the panels on manually for a session. Hot Yoga typically requires 20-30W of heating per square foot.