Where to Buy

Ducoterra is the manufacturer of SolaRay Infrared Heaters. Ducoterra does not sell its SolaRay heating panels directly to the public, but makes them available for purchase through our distributors listed below.


Ducoterra Infrared Heaters from Heating GreenHeating Green

Jeff Caldwell
518 Ohio St
Bellingham, WA 98225
Phone: 360.715.4328
Toll Free: 800.618.4940
Email: jeff@heatinggreen.com
Website: Heating Green

If you are interested in becoming a reseller or dealer of Ducoterra’s SolaRay heating panels, please contact us at: info@ducoterra.com


Ducoterra Infrared Heaters from Mighty EnergyMighty Energy Solutions

Laura Elfline
2910 1st Ave S, Suite 201
Seattle, Washington 98134
Phone: 206.880.1558
Email: sales@mightyenergy.net
Website: Mighty Energy Solutions


Ducoterra Infrared Heaters from InfraredHeat.caInfraredHeat.ca

Darryl Heppner
#82 162-2025 Corydon Ave
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada R3P 0N5
Phone: 888.438.0933
Website: InfraredHeat.ca


Ducoterra Infrared Heaters from Radiant Zone HeatingRadiant Zone Heating

Steve Kunkel
5466 119th Ave SE
Bellevue, Washington 98006
Phone: 425.643.9095
Email: steveskmb@gmail.com
Website: Radiant Zone Heating


Ducoterra Infrared Heaters from SunRaziant Infrared Heating SolutionsSunRaziant Infrared Heating Solutions

Ed Lisewski
100 Campbell Ave Unit 8
Kitchener, Ont N2H 4X8
Phone: (519) 569 – 8780
Email: ed@sunraziantinfraredheating.ca
Website: SunRaziant Infrared Heating Solutions


Ducoterra Infrared Heaters from Hot Yoga HeatingHot Yoga Heating

Michael Marney
Tulsa, Oklahoma
Phone: 844.964.2468
Email: info@hotyogaheating.com
Website: Hot Yoga Heating


Ducoterra Infrared Heaters from Great Lakes Building InnovationsGreat Lakes Building Innovations

Brian Wartella
Ortonville, Michigan
Phone: (248) 793-5356
Email: info@ecoteksupply.com
Website: Great Lakes Building Innovations


Ducoterra Infrared Heaters from OnDemand HeatingOnDemand Heating

Michael Marney
PO Box 1056
Owasso, Oklahoma 74055
Phone: 918-344-6156
Email: info@ondemandheating.com
Website: OnDemand Heating


Ducoterra Infrared Heaters from Solar LightSolar Light

Brennan Morrow
Bend, Oregon
Phone: 541.306.4141
Email: Brennan@SolatubeBend.com
Website: Solar Light


Ducoterra Infrared Heaters from PoppyMakkiSunPoppyMakkiSun

Jaroslaw Oleszak
36-071 Trzciana 73A
Poland Europe
Phone: +48 605 662 441
Email: poppymakkisun@gmail.com
Website: PoppyMakkiSun