Current Discounted Inventory – April 15, 2021

“Nearly New”
120V 2’x2′ 200W = 1
120V 2’x4′ 400W = 1
120V 2’x6′ 750W = 2
240V 2’x4′ 750W = 5
240V 2’x6′ 1000W = 2

240V 2’x6′ 750W = 1
240V 2’x6′ 1000W = 2
208V 2’x6′ 1000W = 1
“Scratch and Dent”
240V 2’x3′ 375W = 2
120V 2’x6′ 750W = 1
120V 2’x6′ 1000W = 4
240V 2’x6′ 1000W = 1

Discounted Inventory Description

“Nearly New” – These are panels without flaws or are nearly flawless.  Most customers would feel comfortable putting this in a high traffic area like a living room, dining room, or kitchen.  Most were never installed but simply returned to us from customers.
“Used” – These are panels that have minor cosmetic flaws (small scratches that we have touched up or small dents) such that many customers would not put these in a highly visible area, but would likely feel acceptable to put these in a guest bedroom, utility or mud room, finished basement, or other area where minor flaws are not of a concern.
“Scratch & Dent” – These have significant dents and scratches.   They are suitable for workshops, basements, garages, etc.
Warranty – Ducoterra’s standard lifetime warranty come with any of these panels.