What’s in a Name?
Making the World a Better Place

We often get asked, “Where did you get the name ‘Ducoterra’?  I’ve never heard of it.”   Well, when the company first started, our founder wanted a name that reflected the mission and values of his company.  He believed his company could help make the world a better place, changing the way people heat their homes by using high efficiency radiant infrared heating, which would reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions. 

The name Ducoterra was created by combining the word “Duco“, derived from the Latin “Ducor” which means to lead or guide, and “Terra“, the earth.  So, the meaning is that Ducoterra will lead the world toward using infrared radiant heating

About Ducoterra
Maker of SolaRay Infrared Radiant Panels
Family Owned & Operated

Ducoterra LLC is a nationwide leader in manufacturing high performance infrared heating panels for both residential and commercial buildings. After nearly a decade in business, we have shipped over 8,000 panels to happy customers across the United States and Canada.  We are dedicated to making high-quality, clean, affordable, energy-efficient heating available to homeowners, businesses, and non-profits, helping lower their heating costs and energy consumption, while providing the highest level of comfortable heating. Our SolaRay infrared radiant heating panels are inexpensive to install and to operate, with the lowest total cost of ownership of any heating system on the market today.  And we offer an industry-leading Lifetime Warranty on all our products. SolaRay radiant heating panels are available for sale throughout North America at any of our dealers.

Committed To Sustainability
Green, Evironmentally Friendly Heating
Energy Efficiency and Cost Efficiency Together, Finally!

At Ducoterra our roots are in supporting a sustainable world. We believe this means that, as stewards of this earth and our communities, we must first do no harm. And second, we must use our skills and strengths to benefit all our stakeholders – our employees, our customers, our planet, our communities, and our owners. We use a system of accounting for our products and activities called the Triple Bottom Line – enhancing value for our People, our Planet, and our Profits. We accomplish this through value driven decision making, delivering environmentally conscious and healthy products produced by employees who are valued and grow as we grow.

Leadership Team

Patrick Beebe-Sweet
Founder & President

Patrick Beebe-Sweet provides the vision, direction, and technology leadership for Ducoterra. Patrick founded Ducoterra in 2011 and has grown the company to a nationwide leader in infrared radiant heating products. Patrick has over 15 years of analytical and information management experience and skills. From designing and implementing business analytics systems to mining sales data and performing project completion timeline analysis, Patrick brings his skills to focus on the strategic and business challenges facing Ducoterra. His background in scientific research and engineering projects also brings in needed expertise around the design and engineering challenges facing product development. Patrick is dedicated to supporting and crafting a business offering and environment that meets and exceeds the needs of employees, customers, and our communities and planet. Patrick has a B.S in Physics and and MBA from Bainbridge Graduate Institute, the recognized leader in Sustainable Business education.

Jim Beebe
Director of Business Operations

Jim drives and directs the sales and business operations at Ducoterra and is responsible for developing Ducoterra’s dealer and distributor network. An entrepreneur with over 20 years’ experience in starting, growing, and managing large technology organizations, Jim lends his expertise to not only sales but also to the business strategy. He has held positions in sales, product development, product marketing, and operations management throughout his career. Jim received his B.Sc. in Mathematics from the University of Washington and has done postgraduate work in Software Engineering at Seattle University.

Production Team

Team Member

I started working at Ducoterra in May of 2017 right after graduating from college where I earned a degree in Marketing from my home state of Florida. Ducoterra is a good company to work for, and I enjoy building our heating panels and helping keep our customers warm.

Team Member

I have worked in the green energy and sustainable housing industries for the last six years. I have been with Ducoterra since 2017. In my spare time I enjoy playing music, building and repairing fretted instruments, and spending time with my family.

Production Engineer

I grew up in Bellingham splitting my time between soccer, skiing and camping. After graduating from Bellingham Technical College with a degree in System’s Engineering I decided to join Ducoterra as I felt that their interest in producing quality products that also help lower the environmental footprint of our living spaces aligned with my goals of creating a sustainable future. The desire to help sustain our natural habitat was born in the mountains and has helped shape my education and career. Through being outdoors so much I gained an interest in photography and have pursued that since a high school.

Team Member

I grew up on an organic farm and spent most weekends working at Pike Place Market, which shaped my strong work ethic, as well as my appreciation for quality products. The last 4 years I had been working in production, which eventually led me to Ducoterra. I am so happy to be a part of the team here, and I truly enjoy building our amazing, sustainable infrared heating panels!