Ducoterra – Proud Sponsor of Affordable Housing & Tiny Homes

by: Jim Beebe

Ducoterra is proud to work in cooperation with InfraredHeat.ca, our exclusive Canadian distributor of Ducoterra’s SolaRay Far Infrared radiant ceiling heating panels, to sponsor the Tiny Town Association of Canada in their mission to expand the affordable housing options available with Tiny Homes. Details on our product sponsorship can be found here:  https://www.tinytownassociation.com/product-sponsors/infrared-heat.html

The lack of available, affordable housing continues to be an issue in most municipalities in Canada and around the world. Costs of materials, land, and construction continue to increase, pushing the cost of new home sales ever-higher. Young adults entering the workforce and empty-nesters leaving the workforce are facing costs that make home ownership impossible.

We need to recognize that a new housing option is required to meet the needs of a changing population, in a changing economic landscape.
The revolutionary concept of Tiny Homes expands the available home ownership options.

Where living space is not required to accommodate more than 1 or 2 people (often pre-or-post children), Tiny Homes can provide a practical and affordable solution:

  • Tiny homes eliminate the major expense of land ownership
  • Tiny homes cost less to build, yet can be built to be much more energy efficient
  • Tiny homes cost less to operate year-round by virtue of their size and construction
  • Tiny homes are a more environmentally friendly form of housing
  • Tiny homes reduce the cost and aggravation of the moving experience
  • Tiny homes can be a life-long choice or a stepping stone to somewhere else

The Tiny Town Association (TTA) believes that Tiny Homes and traditional homes can co-exist, but not in the same space. A large part of a traditional home’s value is based on the land its built on and the surrounding amenities. A tiny home isn’t. As a result, Tiny Homes can negatively affect the appeal of traditional housing when in the same space.

To address this the TTA has been formed to create space for Tiny House On Wheels (THOWs) within commuting distance of host cities. This Tiny Town model adds appeal to the host city by increasing the affordable housing options available, without encroaching on the space of traditional homes.