6 Benefits of Adding Solar Panels to Your Home

Guest article by Jules Hopkins

Installing solar panels can have many benefits for you as a homeowner, and others, in a variety of ways. Although some may think of them as an expensive investment, in the long run the investment pays off. Solar panels are not a passing fad, but instead hold great value for the future. By adding solar panels, you can Increase the value of your home and property, help the environment, save money, and enjoy many other worthwhile assets. Below you can read about the 6 benefits of adding solar panels to your home.

  1. Increase the Value of Your Home and Property

Solar panels may initially feel like a hefty investment, but it will pay off when the time comes for the resale of your home and property. If you own the solar panels that are installed on your home, you can increase the value of your home and property by 4% or more. This of course is only the case if you own the panels yourself and are not leasing them, otherwise they are considered to be owned by a third party. If the panels are still being paid for and are owned by a third party, then they cannot be considered an asset that would add value to the home. Most homeowners, though, tend to live in the same house for an extended amount of years and eventually are able to own their own panels so the investment is worth it in the end. A study by the name of “Selling into the Sun”, recorded that a home’s value can increase by $24K, adding that amount to the resale amount on your home. Sure, it may take a large chunk of change to initially purchase and install solar panels, but at the end of the day it will increase your home and property value and will be worth the investment. Read on to find out the other ways in which solar panels can increase the value of your home and make the investment worthwhile.

  1. Positive Impact on the Environment

Adding solar panels to your home can benefit the environment in many positive ways. Most homes use systems that release greenhouse gasses. These are gases that come from non-renewable energy sources like coal and petroleum. They release damaging emissions into the earth’s atmosphere and affect our environment negatively. These greenhouse gasses, or non-renewable resources, add to global warming and effect climate change in drastic ways. With the addition of solar panels, you don’t have to worry about harming the environment with these harmful emissions. Solar panels do not release any greenhouse gasses and in fact work to preserve natural resources. They are free from pollution thus making a positive impact on the environment from the get-go. By installing solar panels, you are reducing emissions because the energy for the solar panels is attained through the Sun instead of toxic fossil fuels. In the end you are creating a cleaner world, and better air for everyone.

It’s not news for anyone that in recent years the environment has undergone changes that are now being easily recognized through things like smog and acid rain. Solar panels are a positive combatant to these issues. Instead, solar panels reduce the carbon footprint because they don’t release any dangerous chemicals, smoke, or gas.

  1. Saves Money on Your Energy Bill

Initially expensive, the addition of solar panels will eventually decrease your energy and utility bills and save you a lot of money. Solar panels reduce your electricity bill because they are producing energy through the sun so you won’t use as much energy from your energy supplier. Installing Ducoterra’s SolaRay infrared heating panels will save you even more money because they are 35% – 50% more efficient  than electric wall or baseboard heaters.  Because of this, you become independent and self-reliant for your energy. If there’s ever a power outage you won’t be as affected and are able continue enjoying light and even heat in your home. You can save even more money by reselling any unused energy back to the grid. This can make you money and help you with other costs. The price of energy only tends to increase and there is certainly no sign of energy costs dropping significantly in the near future. In our modernized world we depend heavily on energy for constant use in our daily life. Using solar panels helps to offset the costs of our extreme dependence on our suppliers of energy. By adding solar panels to your home, you can potentially cut the costs of electricity spending by almost 40-50%. Solar panels can save you money by giving you free energy because they work throughout the year even in gray winters and cloudy days.

  1. Longevity of Solar Panels

Solar panels are a great investment because they are a long lasting source of energy. Most solar panels can last more than 20 years with very little maintenance involved. A general rule of thumb is that each year solar panels degrade by about 1%. More than likely even after 20 years have gone by your solar panels will still be up and running for 10 or more years. Some sets of solar panels can last a good 30-40 years.

Considering that technology has been improving, solar panels are only getting better, more durable, and lasting longer than ever. You can keep the longevity of your solar panels by reducing their exposure to extreme wind and weather, avoid any physical damage, and keep up with proper maintenance. If necessary, get a professional involved to maintain your panels, but overall there is very little to no work that needs to be done. Due to their incredible longevity, adding solar panels to a home has become an advantageous choice for many homeowners.

  1. Low Maintenance, Quiet, and Efficient

Maintaining solar panels is quite simple because there are no moving parts involved. The less moving parts involved, the less maintenance required. Because they are so durable, solar panels have very low chances of breaking and being damaged. That is one less cost and less worry which only increases the high value of installing solar panels. Solar panels are typically installed at an angle so cleaning off dust and debris isn’t usually an issue because all of the particles slide off. Also, solar panels have a protective coating finish that reduces the risks of dust accumulation. If there seems to be an issue with your solar panels gathering dust or debris, it’s best to call a professional to clean them. Snow maintenance is also not a major concern because it slides off due to the angle at which the panels are installed and the sun usually melts off the snow quite quickly.

Another great benefit is that these panels aren’t heavily geared up with gadgets, wires, and intense machinery making them a very quiet and efficient choice. Normally most homeowners are used to hearing some form of background noise when utilities kick in. With the addition of solar panels, you can enjoy a zen-like and noise-free atmosphere.

  1. Variety of Uses

Aside from providing free electricity in the usual form of lighting for the home, solar panels have many beneficial uses. Solar panels can power an electric car, run a hot water heater through a thermal collector, power portable devices, run security cameras, light up garden and yard lights, heat your home or swimming pool, and much more. They are a jack-of-all trades addition to any home. The 6 benefits of adding solar panels to your home are certainly worth considering because the return on your investment will prove to be worthwhile.