SolaRay Infrared Panels Heat Lummi Houses

by: Jim Beebe

The Lummi Nation is a nationally recognized leader in tribal self-governance and education, the third largest tribe in Washington State, serving over 5,000 members on the Lummi Reservation, and with an ongoing investment in tribal economic development.  The Lummi Housing Authority commissioned the construction of sixteen new low-cost homes for the members of their tribe.  These 3, 4, and 5 bedroom homes were required to be affordable, energy-efficient homes, with a low-cost heating system requiring only minimal maintenance.   Usually, having both an affordable and energy-efficient heating system is not achievable, but Ducoterra’s SolaRay radiant ceiling heating panels met the challenge perfectly with our 20-year warranty, high-comfort radiant heat, excellent energy efficiency, and maintenance-free operation.

In partnership with our premier dealer, Heating Green, we had the tremendous opportunity in the last quarter of 2013 to manufacture our SolaRay radiant heating panels for whole home heating systems up in Whatcom county for the Lummi Nation Housing Authority, where they recently completed construction on 16 new single family homes. Having no required maintenance, great zone heating control, and excellent energy efficiency were all leading reasons for the selection of Ducoterra’s SolaRay infrared heating panels to heat the new development. Read more about the project in this Case Study .

Hear from the people involved in the project in this video produced by Heating Green.