Sustainable Business Heating Things Up in Thurston County!

by: Jim Beebe

Company founder Patrick Beebe-Sweet, along with Sales and Marketing Director Jim Beebe, were interviewed recently by a Thurston County blogger interested in local sustainable business. Here are a few excerpts:

“What are the bottom-line advantages of the Ducoterra product? Ducoterra heaters are energy-efficient; they have no moving parts, so they’re silent and require no maintenance; they’re UL certified; and they last for decades rather than years. The up-front cost is higher than a baseboard heater – around $100 more per unit – but the combination of longevity and efficiency makes the extra cost more than worth it.

Combine those advantages with the fact that Ducoterra is a growing, local company, committed to adding green jobs to Thurston County’s economy, reducing homeowners’ heating costs, and saving the planet, and I’d say this is a member of our business community we should stand up and salute.”

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