Announcing the SolaRay-D – designed for drop-in ceilings

by: Jim Beebe

Ducoterra, the premier manufacturer of infrared heating panels, is pleased to announce its new SolaRay-D panel specifically designed for drop-in ceilings in offices and commercial buildings.


Ducoterra, a leader in infrared heating technology, announced today that its new 2’ x 4’ SolaRay-D panel, will be delivered to customers this month, available in 120V, 208V, 240V, and 277V models with either 500 watts or 750 watts of heating. “Our customers have asked for a heating panel that could be easily installed in drop-in ceilings, and we listened” said Patrick.   “But we didn’t stop there.  Our new SolaRay-D panels are attractively priced while maintaining the visually attractive design of our SolaRay II panels our residential customers have come to love.”


Ducoterra is one of the nation’s leading manufacturers of electric infrared heating panels for both residential and commercial buildings, offering an industry-leading lifetime warranty on its products.  SolaRay-D panels are available from any of Ducoterra’s network of dealers and distributors throughout the United States.


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