Ducoterra Launches New Website with Dramatically Enhanced Information on Infrared Heating

by: Jim Beebe

Ducoterra, a nationwide manufacturing leader in infrared heating technology, announced today the launch of an enhanced new website adapted to its multiple audiences of businesses and consumers. The new site allows architects, builders, contractors, electricians, energy experts, and homeowners to find information targeted to their specific needs, explaining the key features and benefits of Ducoterra’s SolaRay infrared heating panels.

The new Ducoterra.com includes the following site enhancements:

Business Specific Information: Now architects, builders, contractors, and energy experts can find information they need to recommend, design, or install SolaRay infrared heating panels

Improved Navigation: Top-level menus make it easier to find information by business or consumer

New Heating Calculator: Enables calculating cost savings by using SolaRay panels

Installation Tips & Guidelines: Extensive tips and guidelines for builders, electricians, and DIY homeowners

“With our new user-friendly website, it will be easier for homeowners as well as architects, builders, and energy auditors to find extensive and in-depth information on our SolaRay infrared heating panels,” said Patrick Beebe-Sweet, President.

Ducoterra is one of the nation’s leading manufacturers of electric infrared heating panels for both residential and commercial buildings, offering an industry-leading 20 year warranty on its products. SolaRay panels are available from any of Ducoterra’s network of dealers and distributors throughout the United States.

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