Ducoterra’s SolaRay Panels Now Have a Lifetime Warranty

by: Jim Beebe

Ducoterra LLC is pleased to announce that its SolaRay far infrared heating panels are now covered by a Lifetime Warranty, effective immediately. Proudly Made in the USA and utilizing zero waste manufacturing processes, SolaRay panels employ the most durable radiant heating technology coupled with high performance materials delivering exceptional reliability. “By backing our heating panels with an industry-leading lifetime warranty, we want our customers to be confident they can enjoy a lifetime of trouble-free and maintenance-free heating,” said Patrick Beebe-Sweet, President, “and that their investment in energy efficient heating is protected.”

Ducoterra is one of the nation’s leading manufacturers of electric infrared heating panels for both residential and commercial buildings. Ducoterra’s SolaRay far infrared heating panels are available from any of its network of dealers and distributors throughout North America. For additional information on Ducoterra, or where to buy our panels, please visit us on our web site at https://www.ducoterra.com.