Upon delivery, inspect for damage!

When your shipment arrives, completely inspect all the items. If you see any creases or tears in the packaging, notate it on the bill of lading and inspect further. If you see substantial damage, refuse the shipment. If there is minor damage, notate it on the bill of lading before signing. Contact us immediately at 360-788-4200 or sales@ducoterra.com to inform us of the damage. Please do not attempt to install damaged products. If a damaged product has been installed, a damage claim can no longer be filed.

Unpack your product immediately upon delivery to uncover concealed damage

Concealed damage must be reported to us at 360-788-4200 or sales@ducoterra.com within five (5) business days. Even if you are not planning on installing your product right away, please open the box and fully inspect it once you have received it.  Unfortunately, most shipping companies, including FedEx, UPS, and freight shippers, will not let us file a damage claim after the 5-day grace period.  Because of this, Ducoterra cannot be responsible for any damage discovered after the 5-day period.