What is Infrared Heating?
Like sunshine, infrared radiant heat warms you and other objects in a room directly, rather than warming you by means of hot air (like a hair dryer). Infrared radiant heat is the most even and comfortable kind of heat. It is clean and silent. It is more energy-efficient than other forms of heating, which saves you money and also helps save the environment.

How Does Radiant Heating Work?
Infrared radiant heating panels produce heat that is similar to the heat produced by the sun. Even on a cold day, when the sun’s invisible infrared rays touch your skin or your clothing, you instantly feel the warmth.  Sola Ray panels work the same way, generating invisible infrared heat that gently and comfortably warms you.    Unlike typical central forced air heaters or baseboard and wall heaters which utilize convection, Sola Ray panels heat you just like the sun heats you when you are outdoors.  Our panels directly heat people, furniture, walls, and floors in a room with a comfortable heat that gently increases the ambient temperature of the room.  This method of heating is more pleasant to people than other heating systems that rely on convective air currents to circulate warm air in a room.

Doesn’t Heat Rise?
Actually hot air rises, but the radiant heat is directed down from the ceiling panel towards the floor heating the people, furniture, walls, and even the floor, but the ceiling does not get hot, nor is there any circulating hot air that standard convection type heating systems generate.

How Efficient are Ducoterra’s Sola Ray Panels?
Some electric heating is expensive – baseboard heaters and cadet heaters for example and utilize convection to heat a home. But Ducoterra’s Sola Ray panels use radiant heat and based on analysis use 35% less energy than cadet heaters and 50% less than baseboard heaters. For a more detailed explanation of heating efficiency, click on this link or this link.