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"We installed the heating panels from Heating Green [ed note - HG is Ducoterra's premier distributor of our heating products] in our Yoga studio and were very delighted on how they turned out, The install went very smoothly and the heating has been delightful in the cold weather. Jeff Caldwell at Heating Green was very informative on what type of panels we should purchase and helped us throughout the process. We at Soul Art System Yoga recommend Heating Green for your heating alternative.

- Chris Iacobazzi - Owner at Soul Art System Yoga Studio

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Dear Ducoterra - We had your SolaRay radiant heat ceiling panels installed in our guest bedroom this past summer and now that the weather is changing I have had a chance to turn them on. Wow, is all I can say! What a wonderful warm and comfortable room I walked back into after turning it on. So much better than the noisy wall heater we had. The entire room was a delightful and comfortable temperature rather than just the side by the wall heater.

Thank you for your wonderful product! I am also looking forward to the lower electric bills.


I just walked out of my nice warm bathroom; and remembered that I have not written to let you know that the SolaRay radiant panels were installed last Monday. It really does work; I don't know how, but the BR is warm. I have felt the cabinets, floor, walls..............nothing feels hot (or too warm), and there is no noise or air being pushed around, but the room is warm. I love it!

Just wanted you to know that we are very happy with the result. Thank you.


My customers love radiant ceiling panels. They would never have a different system. It's a nice, warm heat, not a windy heat. And the cost to install is so much cheaper. It's not the only system I install, but it's the only one I recommend.

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I recommended radiant ceiling panels to Jumping Mouse Children's Center because of low installed cost, the efficiency and comfort of the heat they provide, and the freedom for furniture placement. I’m impressed with the Ducoterra panels.
- Ian Keith, Contractor

Hans Frederickson

We were pleased with the straightforward installation of Ducoterra’s SolaRay panels and even more pleased with the excellent service we received. - Hans Frederickson, President, Frederickson Electric


When I moved into our new house with forced hot air heating, I was in the emergency room within a week. I had a bad cough all winter, from November to April. Then we installed radiant ceiling panels and turned off our forced hot air heat. My cough was gone within a week.

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"The SolaRay panels look similar to an acoustic panel. Most people don’t notice them which is nice. We’ve promoted them quite a bit.”
- Douglas Landsem — Architect, Bellingham, Washington

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“The tenants in the Lummi Housing Project like the heat, they like of feel of it versus a regular furnace. SolaRay panels are easy to install, no ductwork. A simple panel that’s included in the electrical bid.”
- Pete Powless— Project Manager, Lummi Housing Authority