Jumping Mouse CC Office 2

Ducoterra Infrared Heating Panel

Jumping Mouse Children’s Center Office

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2 thoughts on “Jumping Mouse CC Office

  • Joe

    Winter is coming! Presently I use a new technology wood stove and love it. Except for the labor of carrying wood in, the low smoke emissions that can escape, and I can’t leave it on when not at home. Honestly, I use about 6 cords of would a year for a cost of 1000 dollars. I have been in touch with Heating Green in Washington State. I am seriously thinking bout going this route. Maybe getting this and putting it on solar. My question is how can I calculate the cost of electricity yearly that I will be paying????

    Joe in NY

    • Jim Beebe Post author

      Calculating the energy usage is something we can do for you once you supply a few parameters. The cost, however, is dependent on your local electricity cost. I will respond to you in a directly email.