Heating Comfort sliderGentle, Comfortable Heating – Warms You Just Like the Sun

Just like the Sun heats you when you are outdoors, Ducoterra’s SolaRay Far Infrared Heating (FIR) panels work the same way directly heating people, furniture, walls, floors and surfaces in and around the room rather than wasting energy heating the air as do traditional heating systems, like baseboard heaters, wall heaters, and forced-air heaters.  With SolaRay panels you feel the sun-like warmth using less energy and with lower energy bills.

Heat Your Home Without Drafts or Cold Spots

Whereas centralized heating systems typically have cold spots and are “drafty”, SolaRay panels provide an even temperature throughout the room from floor to ceiling.  While convection-type heating systems produce a hot ceiling and a cold floor as part of the heating process with temperature differences as much as 10 degrees from floor to ceiling, Ducoterra’s SolaRay Far Infrared heating (FIR) panels have no “drafts”, eliminate cold spots, and produce a uniform temperature from floor to ceiling with only a minor 2-4 degree difference.

Infrared Heat Eliminates Airborne Allergens

By eliminating ducts, filters, and dry forced air, SolaRay infrared heating panels offer the best possible indoor air quality. These panels provide a clean, comfortable healthy heat without odors, flames, or forced air dust, mites, bacteria, pollutants, or allergens giving relief to allergy and asthma sufferers.  For individuals with allergies or breathing problems like asthma, SolaRay infrared heating panels won’t aggravate symptoms.  Its unique heating method does not create air currents that increase dust circulation in the room. It also prevents unwanted humidity that causes mold to grow.

Zone Controllable Heat

SolaRay panels can also bring a cold room up to a comfortable level within minutes of being turned on. If you wish, you can turn them off when you vacate a room, as you would turn off the lights. Adopting a “vacancy setback” habit is a way to achieve an even higher efficiency in home heating. This in turn means significant energy savings, and a lower utility bill for you.  With SolaRay infrared radiant heat, people are more comfortable than with hot air, and generally set the thermostat set 3-6 degrees (F) lower than they would set it with hot air heating. This means lower heat losses through the walls, windows and ceiling.