Datasheets & Brochures

Technical Brochure SolaRay Technical Brochure – Complete product specifications, model listing, and installation guidelines for Ducoterra’s SolaRay II infrared radiant heating panels.

Ducoterra Consumer SheetDucoterra SolaRay Homeowner Brochure – Overview of features and benefits of Ducoterra’s infrared radiant ceiling heating panels.

SolaRay Electric Infrared Ceiling PanelsWhy Choose SolaRay Panels? – Learn the 7 reasons why you should choose Ducoterra’s low-cost, high-comfort, energy-efficient infrared radiant heating panels.

Supplementing traditional heating systemsSupplementing Traditional Heating Systems Add heating to bedrooms, garages, basements, attics, guest houses, cabins – anywhere you need it for pennies per hour with SolaRay infrared radiant heating panels.

SolaRay-outperforms-wall-and-baseboard-heatersSolaRay Outperforms Wall and Baseboard HeatersSolaRay infrared radiant heating panels are 35%-50% more efficient than wall or baseboard heaters and are the smart choice for bedroom and bathroom heating.

SolaRay-and-Ductless-Work-TogetherSolaRay and Ductless Work TogetherSolaRay working in combination with a ductless heat pump can create a more cost effective heating system while maintaining a high standard of comfort and energy efficiency.

Baseboard heating upgradeUpgrading baseboard heaters – Replace your old inefficient baseboard heaters with affordable, efficient SolaRay infrared radiant heating panels.

Are Radiant Heating Systems More EfficientAre Radiant Heating Systems More Efficient? – Learn how infrared radiant heating systems achieve efficiency.

Panel Schematic - SolaRay IIPanel Schematic – Schematic drawing of example panel (2×4) with measurements and assembly details

TCO-Bar-Chart Heating System Cost and Performance Analysis Summary analysis of the most prevalent heating systems on the market today using based Coefficient of Performance modified by system design losses.