Why Architects Like SolaRay Panels

Why do architects like SolaRay panels?  Why have your design constrained by ducting, return venting, heating vents, locating wall or baseboard heaters, or where to place a furnace or heat pump? Ducoterra’s SolaRay infrared heating panels are an ultra thin 1/2″, blend seamlessly into any living area, and can be painted to match the room decor. SolaRay radiant heating panels are placed on the ceiling, so you don’t lose any floor area like you would with vents, baseboards, or wall heaters.  Being on the ceiling, this allows for free placement of windows, doors, and occupant furniture.  And since these panels operate completely silently, they are great for bedrooms.


Proven Reliable Technology

This simple and proven technology has undergone considerable change in the last couple of decades and is widely used in Europe, where energy costs are higher than in the US. SolaRay heating panels have an industry-leading Lifetime Warranty with an expected system lifetime of 40 years according to the NAHB®.


Low Install Cost Means More Dollars for Design Elements

Installing low-cost SolaRay infrared heating panels can free up money from your heating budget to use on other design elements.  Going with SolaRay radiant heating panels means:


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A Better Alternative to Baseboard or Cadet Heaters

While wall and baseboard heaters are inexpensive to purchase and install, they have hidden costs.  Due to inefficient heating, wall and baseboard heaters typically use 50-100% more energy and cost more to operate than SolaRay radiant heating panels.  In just 3 to 6 short years, SolaRay heaters pay for themselves over wall heaters or baseboards. Not only that, but over a 30-year life of a home, homeowners would have to replace the wall or baseboard heaters at least 3 times due to their limited lifetime, making them even more costly.


SolaRay Panels Can Work Hand-In-Hand With Ductless

Ducoterra’s SolaRay heating panels also work hand-in-hand with other systems, like ductless heat pumps, creating a more cost effective heating system while maintaining a high standard of comfort and energy efficiency. Central or point-source systems will often leave some rooms too cold and that’s where SolaRay panels can plug the gaps, typically in bedrooms and bathrooms.


Maintenance Free Operation

Ducoterra’s SolaRay panels have no moving parts, no motors that can wear out, and no filters that require cleaning or replacement. All of this means that SolaRay radiant ceiling panels are completely maintenance-free and highly reliable as evidenced by the NAHB-recognized 40 year average lifetime.


Efficient AND Cost Effective

SolaRay combines a low-install cost with highly efficient operation, no-maintenance, and a long system life to achieve the lowest Total Cost of Operation of any heating system. (Read More)

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Heating Cost Comparisons

Questions about system sizing? Give us a call, or check out our online sizing guide – Panel Sizing in Four Easy Steps!