Affordable Heating

Leader-In-Efficiency-and-Cost-1024x392Heat a Home for Less

A complete home heating system using Ducoterra’s SolaRay Far Infrared (FIR) heating panels costs only ½ that of a typical central heating system with duct work.  With a low installation price-tag, efficient heating, and a long 40 year expected life, SolaRay panels are one of the most affordable heating alternative. And panels start as low as $240!



Why SolaRay Panels Are the Smart Choice

When selecting the type of heating for a new home or condominium, a prospective homeowner’s choice of heating systems is often limited to either inexpensive electric wall heaters or more expensive and complex forced air furnaces or heat pumps. SolaRay far infrared radiant heating panels operate up to 35% more efficiently than cadet heaters and 50% more efficiently than baseboard headers.  And they are also affordable, maintenance-free, and operate silently.


Pay Now or Pay Later?

While cadet and baseboard heaters are inexpensive to purchase and install, they have hidden costs. Due to inefficient heating, cadet and baseboard heaters use more energy and cost more to operate than SolaRay panels. Coupled with the fact that they often have (at best) 2-5 year warranties and typically will require replacement several times over the lifetime of a typical home (30+ years), homeowners will see their maintenance costs adding up to more than they expected.

In contrast, SolaRay infrared radiant panels have a Lifetime Warranty and a 40 year expected lifetime according to the NAHB, the longest lifetime of ANY heating technology on the market today.


SolaRay – A Leader in Cost and Efficiency

In just 3 to 6 short years, SolaRay heaters are a better buy than cadet or baseboard heaters due to lower yearly heating costs. Heating a home with SolaRay panels will have a slightly higher installation cost compared to cadets or baseboards, but since SolaRay panels consume 35%-50% LESS energy the cost savings adds up quickly. And during the typical 30-year mortgage on a home, a cadet or baseboard heaters will need to be replaced at least 3 times due to their limited operating lifetime, requiring expensive fees to replace.