Green Home Living Room 2

Ducoterra Radiant Ceiling Heating Panel

Green Home living room

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2 thoughts on “Green Home Living Room

  • John Early

    I love the IR panels concept, i have done some reading and convinced to fit all my house with IR panels. I am considering in the bedrooms to install it in the ceiling, I couldn’t find any information about the bedrooms. someone told me that heat is not good above your head,I guess he is talking about the conventional radiating heat, i am not sure about IR heating
    is it safe to install the panel in the ceiling in bedrooms? i.e if the person is sleeping heat will be coming down above the head.
    your feedback is highly appreciately

    • Jim Beebe Post author


      First of all, the IR from the panels is completely safe. And the panels are perfect for any room and possibly especially bedrooms as they are quiet heating and create what can only be described as a gentle, comfortable heat that warms the entire room. No, you won’t be too hot with IR coming down on you when you sleep.